It is a day never forgotten

Forever will be etched in my heart

Like a broken record

Playing over and over – that time when.

We’ll be friends forever won’t we?

I guess that’s how it’ll always be.

There’s comfort in that thought, somehow.

And that’s all we could allow – for now.

I could wish you a million things and

A million other what ifs and could have beens.

What is the point in that?

Neither one of that will make our hearts fat.

So, with your bow and string now aside,

I could wish you a happy birthday straight from the stateside.

You may be sixteen hours away in the future,

Your day has been spent.

Mine’s just beginning to be penned.

May all your dreams come true with each year you are here on Earth.

Know that I will be thinking of you today,

As I have at any other day.

So with this poem dedicated to you on your birthday,

I wish you life be sweeter, your cup or should I say pint be fuller?

A lot more tears from laughter

A lot more love that maddens

A lot more time that matters

And a whole lot less of life’s pretenses.

I am glad though

We have reconnected

A few letters away at our fingertips.

At least this time we won’t be

Wishing or having these nightmares of

Last requests – on our deathbeds!