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Wrong way driver,

Where are you going?

A lot of people ask.

Why are you going that way?

That is not the correct way, do you not know?


Signs, you cannot read?

Or you just don’t care nor even care to heed?

Horns honking lights flashing,

Teeth gritting fingers pointing.

Wrong way driver,

What have you caused?

Havoc and accidents happened,

When that line was crossed!

But that is okay, sometimes.

This is how we learn when, out from that fork in the road, we choose a tyne.

Real life doesn’t come with signs and directions.

Nor with horns blaring and flashing lights

Warning us not to venture there and cross the line.

No left turn.

No right turn.

No u turn.

No raises for concern.

It is a confusion!

Who could you blame?

Life, especially at a junction, has no manuals, no instructions.

Only reasoning and deduction,

Which is why we have dysfunctions and obstructions which lead to discussions,

Constructions can lead to tests.

And lead with the best (if not right) foot forward.

Guesses are a margin of error that we must weather.

So, let us do our best and be thankful we are dressed and blessed!!!

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