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By beginning of this month of April I was short. Did not have enough money to buy the monthly pass for the train, so I have been buying the 7-day pass for $56 every Monday.

Today is Monday and I did not buy the ticket. Train rides at the Metrolink are free!

So I only have to get the Tap card for the subway (rail) part of my journey when I get to Los Angeles Union Station. It’s $1.75 each way so that’s $3.50 forth and back.

I have a Tap card already purchased from probably ten years ago. (Yes, apparently they do expire). I may have to purchase a new one which would cost me an additional $2.

That’s $5.50 total.

When I got to LA, I approached the Metro counter Customer Service.

True enough, my Tap card is expired. I asked if there was any balance on it. He said he cannot tell when it’s expired. (So, I wonder who can?)

Nevertheless, I continued to ask him if I need a new one. He answers yes. A $2 fee will apply.

I also asked when this new card expires. He says it expires in ten years.

I started to wonder if it will be another ten years before I use this card again.

Moving that thought aside, I also told him I will be needing two trips for today only.

He said that will be $3.50 plus $2 for the card will be $5.50. I gave him $6.00.

He proceeded to give me the new card and my change and my receipt.

I tapped my card and went my way.

When I got to the office, my co-worker and I spoke about today’s free train ride. She mentioned that Metro offers free rides too.


I just paid $5.50 for the new Tap card!!!!

I even went to the Metro counter to make sure I don’t miss anything and get it correctly.

But he did not even mention of a free rides today when I mentioned I am purchasing for today only. I should have mentioned it again and should have even asked if rides were free today.


Maybe I should have called their Customer Service number beforehand to ask or even “hear” an ad of a free ride while on hold.

Oh well!

I know it’s only $5.50 a small amount.

BUT I went out of my way to purchase this card and even mentioned to the guy on the counter that I am purchasing trips for today.

Another grrrrrrr! when I keep thinking about it.

On the way home, did not even bother to take my Tap card out. Just went through the turnstiles pretending not to care.

But inside, I am feeling stupid and pissed off at the same time.


So, please go and get out there. Take the bus, take the subway and take the Metrolink train for me!!!!