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Everyone seems to be rushing these days.

Freeway driving has been clear of traffic lately and I had to drive on the side more often because of cars speeding all the way.

Cars would be right up my bum and I don’t want to be the one causing that accident because I’m going slow (or within speed limit). I actually drive between 70-80mph and try to stay in that range.

On occasion, I could go 90 for a few seconds, say, to overtake a really slow truck or car that just seem to be in the middle of the road taking its sweet time.

I had to rush yesterday, too, at the Los Angeles Union Station!

It was just an ordinary day, my Metrolink train had reached its final destination and we got off.

I was walking along the corridors to the subway with my shades and earphones on (how most people look these days).

Then there’s this lady who was running and, at the top of the stairs, dropped her train ticket!

Noticing it but I was a long way still. Either nobody noticed her dropping it or nobody wanted to be bothered picking it up.

When I got to it, I picked it up and looked downstairs. I see the lady rushing, weaving through people.

I shouted, “Miss! Miss!” while running down the stairs myself, trying to catch up to her.

She almost wanted to look back whenever I shouted, “Miss!”

But her urgency to make the subway train was probably more pressing (well, she will stop at the turnstiles upon realising her train ticket is missing!)

Still, I thought I’d catch up to her. I still had to be careful running down the stairs. Tried to shout, “You, the one with the (insert colour) skirt!” But I had my shades on and couldn’t really tell if she was wearing blue or green!

Don’t ask me, I’ve always had a problem distinguishing between those two ambiguous colours.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and that’s when I started to run or actually more like chase after her – shouting, “Miss, your ticket!”

Finally, I caught up to her and tapped her on the shoulder, showing her ticket in a case.

It was hers because she immediately recognised it and I saw the horror in her face when she realised she had dropped it and I had been chasing her this whole time and she just kept running away from me.

A relief and gratitude was evident on her face. When she started to talk, I knew she was Asian (more Chinese actually) and I took my shades off to let her know I see her.

She just walked the rest of the way after that.

And I was puzzled as to why she didn’t continue running.

Would you have done the same thing as I did or just take it and leave it with Lost and Found?