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What started (for me) as a casual read, turned out to be a relief to know that someone else (like you) used to drive these same roads as I have been driving on.

You instantly became my friend on (digital) paper.

Never met in person. Never talked on the phone.

We’d email each other and even just through the digital realm, I felt your kindness and genuine self.

You became a comforting thought.

A someone who knows what I go through everyday.

Here, a complete stranger thinking about me as I drive through these roads.

Music may be my companion every time.

But there are times when all we need is complete silence and organise our thoughts along the way.

Get over that feeling of not being lonely.

And have that feeling of being thought of — That was enough for me.

You have given me hope that there is life out there, when not driving and in between two cities.

You saw an opportunity for me to share my experiences, while I thought I’d re-create and revive my old blogging pages.

For me, it became a way to reach out to those who needed comfort as you have given me.

Thank you for sharing my work through your newspaper, The Daily Press.

I imagine you “urging” your co-workers and friends and acquaintances to read my blog.

I thank you for that.

It was meant to get my thoughts out and not to impress.

Thank you for answering my out-of-the-blue, silly questions.

Thank you for believing.

As you get laid down to rest today, may comfort and peace envelop your family and friends and your co-workers.

I am sorry for not being there but I will be thinking of you.

Probably more often now.

When you float over the roads and over the Cajon Pass, just look for the little red car with the little white roof and you’ll see – little old me.

May you rest in peace, Steve, the editor-in-chief.