I mentioned metaphorical blinders from my previous post and I would like to expound on that.

In all honesty, I am glad when something positively happy happens to a friend and posts it on Facebook or Instagram. Being pregnant, having a baby, getting a job, graduating from school or even graduating from one experience to another that is completely life-changing, these are life’s big events that each one of them is considered a milestone and truly deserving to be celebrated and enjoyed and happily shared (or gloated even).

I am a practical person. What I like are pictures of food and recipes because they always give me ideas of what to cook and food that I’ve forgotten that I really like or have never made (or bought). So much loved are travels around the world along with their accompanying pictures and experiences.

Much favoured too are life hacks and those five-minute crafts that really make sense and make my life so much easier and beautifuler and me look smarter (especially now saying beautifuler haha). Opinions on news are welcomed and tend to catch my eye.

What is the point of posting it on FB? Or even on IG? I post because I try to document the things and sceneries I like and have found delight and awe in them hoping you find it delightful and and awe-inspiring too. Especially for my readers/followers whom I hope to have “distracted” from the terrible commute we have to do and go through everyday. That in it, we all might find something good, something old made anew, with this ever-changing landscape of the Cajon Pass.

I rarely post anything on FB but do more so regularly on IG. (Instagram for those living out of the loop in social media). Initially, I set my IG page up for my blog. Along the way, however, I found myself taking more pictures (of lamp posts too that my family teases me about), finding joy in it and that I needed an outlet for my ever growing photograph album.

So, now my Instagram page has become my rest area, rest stop, lay-by, pull-off, or whatever you want to call it, when I get too tired to write. A picture is worth a thousand words anyways so I better make use of it then.

Then there’s that before and after pictures when going on a diet especially seeing their sizes shrink as most of the fat gradually melting away. I totally understand I completely support the pictures, food eaten and exercises done which are very much appreciated and truly inspiring.

I do get a tinge of jealousy sometimes, I must admit.

Big news I don’t mind really and would gladly chime in and write in a comment or two.

What I don’t get is posting every little thing on Facebook. It is annoying to a point. This blog posts on my Facebook too and maybe there are those of you who don’t like to read them but mostly they are for those who are going through the same thing. Our situations may not be the same but the sentiment is there. Especially in the Philippines where traffic in Manila is really bad.

Pictures of every angle of your face or body everyday? Sheesh, these has got to stop.

I don’t know if we’ve all just been blind to these or maybe I have just been following all along without putting much thought into it.

How about knowing a friend is dying or someone close to them has just died? It’s as if we’ve blinded ourselves and completely ignored what one is going through.

All the more and more frequent you post.

It’s mean.

Sure, life goes on. But as sensitive friends we are, limit those posts.

Then when that “suffering” person posts about the current situation, these people are the first ones offering prayers, and thoughts.

Then, those same people would post something wonderful and envying.

How pretentious can you be? Pretending to be all concerned and caring. Then in a split second, that is all gone.

Where is the thought in there?

Another scenario :

Those people at your workplace who has excellent timing and hearing?

Just as the boss is coming, the “pretend working” starts – the computer keys furiously typing away.

Afterwards, with the boss gone and was just passing by, they’re back to Facebook or texting or gossiping with their friend on the company phone or cellphone. Then when they are called on their extension, suddenly they’ve lost their super hearing along with their super fast typing!

Seeing all these, not only do other employees’ morale go down, isn’t it downright annoying as well?

What’s more infuriating is that the workload gets shared between the two of you (divided by your oh-so-compassionate boss) when work does not get done.

Adding insult to injury, the boss says it’s called teamwork.

Sure it is! BS. One just sits on their ass all day, looking at their nails twiddling their thumbs while you, on the other hand, get to do their job because you have done your work’s share.

Also, if you get to say something about the whole set-up, you get to be told that you have so much anger.

Think it only happens in the movies? I’m sure many of you have experienced this sort of blindness….. aaaannnd the blinding rage that comes after.

I have read articles about HR doing it for the sole purpose of driving out the employee. He/She has been a longtime employee of the company though business has gone down and management thinks that getting a newer, younger employee who will accept a much lower wage would be a better option. Plus, HR don’t have to fire anybody. This employee will just leave on their own accord.

Sounds familiar, right? Sadly, it’s a true tactic by most employers, I heard.

Whose eyes are with blinders?

Is it the boss or the employee who gets his or her more than fair share of work? Why do you think so?