So, I made it home early yesterday. No fire or anything, thank God.

Traffic was light.

Except for a couple of places that are usually problematic – I-15/I-215 split and SR138 exit.

I made my morning train today too. I thought I wasn’t going to make it especially with the incident at Main St.

I had to beat the red lights at Rancho Cucamonga today so I can make the train.
A couple more minutes waiting for light to turn green would surely make me late for the train.

I get confused with people when they say “a couple”. Doesn’t it mean two things or a pair? But usually, when I speak to people here in America, it means more than one. Is it an American thing?

When I talk to a client and ask them to specify quantity, I’d like to be precise.
So when they say, give me a couple of these things, I ask again and confirm if they would like two or three?

Most often than not, answer is usually more than two.

And when I point it out, they just answer like it was inconsequential.

Sometimes, the limit is usually five!

If you’d like to be vague about quantity, you could always say a couple (with a wink, of course!)

So, those two are my points today : no fire yesterday (point 1) and I made it home early yesterday (point 2).

Oh and it’s hump day! (point 3)
A “couple” more days til Friday!

So, you see there are actually three points in this post 😉 there’s the wink!