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Once in a while,

We get pelted down by heavy rain

Or on some weird, rare occasion, by hail,

Disaster or emergency then arises.

With a helping hand,

A hug, a tap on the shoulder

We make amends, and rebuild.

Over time, we all grow closer.

Have you ever thought the sky was immune to all that?

After all, it had to bear and endure the constant shower of meteors beating our atmosphere constantly.

Leaving us just bits and dust that sparkle and shimmer for us to feast our eyes on,

Just enough for us to witness the delta Aquariids in the constellation of Aquarius,

Which the. fills up our feelings of emptiness, leaving us in awe of it all.

Scorching heat, raging rays of the sun,

We see evident in our skin, the burn and discoloring.

Heat rashes and allergic reactions,

Mind you, that was only a fraction

Of what the sky weathers.

I bet you’ve never seen it when it loses what it cannot put up with any longer,

When we seek shelter.

The sky appears more rounded and it swells,

No form of audio alert or alarming bells,

Visible signs, observable and in plain sight.

Only you can see welts,

Yes welts in the sky!

A form of reinforcement as it braces itself for more things to come,

A result of incessant elements hounding our everyday lives that stick out like a sore thumb.

A barrier, a fender, a wing,

So we may all hum and sing

And smile upon whatever the day may bring.