Our office got a phone call about a school locking down last Friday. The call was automated and my co-worker didn’t quite get which school it said. The information was sent out.

I got hysterical.

Just the previous night, I had a hard time with my kid making her do her homework. There were tears from both sides.

We heard news about the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas, so, we were all scared.

And now the thought of not seeing my kids ever brought me to the edge.

I was shaking. I won’t be able to forgive myself (because of the previous night’s event) if I don’t see them anymore.

I called their schools. No lockdown message issued.

This automated call was before lunch.

After lunch (around two?), another automated call from (sounds like) another school.

Both phone calls were not entirely clear.

But there wasn’t any lockdown on any schools my kids or my co-workers’ kids go to.

It was strange. Could it be a hoax? Another tactic to frighten all the parents out there?

Has a similar event like this happened at your office, too?

After the weekend, I am in a much better position (emotionally) now. It could have been a “hormonal” shift, I suppose.