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It started just a couple of days ago when I was going through the Los Angeles Union Station hallway and down the stairs that I saw cameras everywhere.

Tables set up and police presence seen. Official-looking people as well as press (TV news logos everywhere) were there too.

I wondered if there was a bomb scare. No event.

Maybe they were preparing for a media event, that’s all, I thought.

Then yesterday, more TV news crews could be seen.

And now, I know something’s up.

They’re trying out body scanners that can alert the police if someone is planning a mass-scale attack.

Why now?

Has there been a tip of such?

It scares me to think of that. Even though I got my earbuds on, I could feel in the air that something is up.

At least I don’t have to stop walking to get scanned.

Or have the TSA swab my palm then next thing I know I’m getting a pat down when I glance on the screen written in big red letters,

Explosives detected!

What a relief.

Or is it?

To read more about the body scanners here is an article I thought might be useful.