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If I were to get asked today (by Cracker Barrel’s resto) …

Q : What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Start your day fresh with some low-fat vanilla yogurt and some seasonal fruit topped with oats and and crunchy granola?

A : I had the non-smoothie, very rocky road.

Q : Some people like theirs smoky. Like the smoky sausage, smoked sausage patty or smoky brisket.

A : Today, I had mine smoky too. Smoky and smoggy.

Q : Perhaps some turkey sausage, one or two (or three) thick-sliced bacon?

A : That sounds mouth-watering compared to the I-like-to-spit-at-them incident I saw today with cars getting on the shoulder just so they could avoid the traffic that is delaying. I’d say they got some really thick-skinned faces and arses I like to kick.

Q : How about sampling some of Grandpa’s Hash brown casserole? How about some chicken or fried steak? Pork chops? Sirloin steak for some class? How about doubling up on meat for real-protein power?

A : Oh yes! I did have some hash today! It was a total mess. And yes on that double meat because I really need some power to helicopter my way out of this jam.

Q : Oh, did you say jam? Do you like bread or buttermilk biscuits with that?

A : I really don’t like this kind of jam. This traffic jam. I had it last night and many nights before. But certainly not in the morning, either. Best to avoid jams, really. Though, I felt squished and sandwiched between these two big trucks!

Q : I didn’t know you’re watching your diet! Maybe have some fried catfish fillet (it’s still fish!)

A : I really prefer that! Being catty and all. Meowroar!

Q : Can’t forget to have eggs with grits!

A : No, you’re right. It always help if you got eggs (and balls) coupled with grit!

It would get you a loonngg way.

– – –

So, I ask you. What do you have for breakfast?

Traffic jam. What I had for breakfast.