This is, at least, according to the CHP traffic transcriptions I have read.

I wanted to do an illustration of what transpired yesterday with the Keenbrook fire.

Pictures looked perfect in my mind.

However, the transfer between mind to paper… let’s just say something got definitely lost in translation.

Here is my attempt at illustrating at what happened :

Sept 26, 2018 10:50am Big rig lost tire and fell on the trees. Actually went flying to the tree!

10:54am A brush fire started.

11:11am A car caught fire in the middle lane of the freeway.

Freeway was closed. Actually, three minutes before the car caught fire, freeway was ordered to be closed.

11:22am Sig alert was issued. All lanes I-15 Southbound on Cleghorn was closed.

Painful to think of how worse could the fire have been.

I didn’t hear of any evacuations but thankful for the quick action of fire crew in containing the fire.

Traffic left on the freeway were diverted.

You could imagine what a total mess that was.

Noo need to paint a picture of that.

But I bet what’s more painful was my attempt at visually telling you of what happened.

Next time, maybe I could try drawing at home. (And not while inside the train.)

Or maybe I could try to have someone else do the drawing? …

I got a text from hubby saying the freeway has been closed.

By the time I got out of the office, lanes have been reopened after five hours.

And by the time I got off at the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station and drove with the roof down and driving on the freeway, the air smelled of smoke.

It was not heavy.

But definitely smelled some. Especially along Devore and just a bit up at the Summit.

Glad fire was contained and I didn’t have to spend overnight somewhere else except at home.