When I was single with no boyfriend and no kids, I think I have always have got all the time in the world.

Now, with a husband and kids (not to mention this commute), my thinking is not the same anymore. So, when I get stuck in traffic, my (hidden) anger gets unfurled.

Getting stuck in a really slow traffic jam last Friday was a bummer. Just when I was looking forward to starting my weekend!

Well, I didn’t do much. Just a couple of photos and a call sent to the hubby to let him know that I will be home late.

Didn’t realize just how late I got home! It was almost ten o’clock! It took me almost five hours from the time I left work until I got home.

My kids were almost getting ready for bed!

I could’ve gone dancing!

Maybe I should be more creative with my traffic time. So, here’s what I have gathered most people do when stuck in traffic :

Tweet. Facebook. Take your pick. Either you tweet or facebook about it. I did not see any tweets about the traffic until the next day. I guess I’m more of a whatever-may-come I’ll-deal-with-it kind of person. Besides, I couldn’t do much about it anyways. I just want to get home.

Catch up on phone calls. Call your mom. Call your boyfriend. Call your boss, if you really have to. If you’re a busy busy person that other people need to get a hold of you right away, I guess this is the time to do this.

Read a book. I don’t know about this. I cannot really concentrate on reading if I am driving. Even when stuck in traffic. But that’s just my opinion.

I was tempted to watch Netflix and catch up on my binge-watching but I decided against it. My imagination may drift too far that I may have a hard time snapping back to reality. Yes, I do get like that.

Curse the government. Apparently, this is common in India. Complain about how corrupt government is. Get political. After talking about it with your car mate, complain again. Nothing like complaining can get you revved up.

Get out of the car and stretch. I really, really wanted to do this last Friday. My bum cheeks were already sore from sitting. I wanted to do some jumping jacks quick and get back in the car.

Envy the cars who overtook you. How the heck did they do that?! Were they better mathematicians than you? That’s why I decided against getting out of the car for a stretch. Sheesh.

Feel proud of overtaking other cars. Yes! There are instances that you get this, right? No matter how stupid you feel afterwards when you’re still stuck in traffic.

Ride down memory lane. Don’t you miss that cigarette smoking habit you kicked out years ago? Or have that quesadilla leftover you had for lunch and re-live the cheesy memory of gobbling it down.

Clean out your car. Might as well make it a productive one. I guess.

Meditate. Just try not to lose yourself in it. This is totally my problem. So I cannot do this.

Sing! My favourite pastime of all. Stuck in traffic or not. Especially when I’m all alone. I crank up the volume and sing all my girly songs (according to my hubby). No cares whether I am in tune or not. I just belt it out.

There you go, a rundown of things you can do while in a traffic jam.

It’ll be back to school time again soon so, this list might just prove to be useful.

Are there tactics or activities you do to pass time while stuck in traffic ?