You’ve played this scenario many times over

Secretly in your mind

Telling no one

Nothing prepared you for this moment.

Though, quite frankly, was kinda expecting it would lead to this.

Your worst fear has happened.

Hits like wet cement poured over you,

Can’t move. Can’t think.

As you wake today,

(As if you ever slept)

Gather all your strength and rise up.

Wish I had words to comfort you,

Quotes to tell you from those who’s been on this road before.

A chill in the air

As if you could care.

You just wish she were here,

And smell the scent of her hair.

Seven years of fighting this battle.

Mountains and mountains of seemingly never-ending miles to trek.

A battle fought so bravely and openly.

You’ve finally reached this point – crying.

This is, indeed, a moment that you can call yourself a wreck.

Heck, never mind that you’re a wreck,

A chaos in this fractal thing called life.

Never mind all that.

All that matters is you were there, to catch her fall

To bear the brunt of a great squall.

For no one can deny that,

And every body can see that,

She is your greatest love, after all.