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Checked the weather last night.
It is going to be okay.

High 70s. I won’t sweat but I won’t freeze either. It’s a little close to my thawing point of 80°C.

High humidity of 92%.

Relieved that a fire occurence would be a slim chance.

This morning I had a feeling.
A sinking feeling.

Well, I always have this sinking feeling. But today was more.

Especially after looking at the driving times :
I-210 – 34 mins

A bit more than usual. Instinctively, looked up the driving conditions. Whew, at least no red bits today.

Just orange lines. But I was really worried about the time.

The drive would be really slow today, I thought and then decided I would listen to my music louder today – to dull the slow and painful drive.

Just like drinking whiskey.
Though I don’t really drink it.

Listen to numb the pain and take my mind off to somewhere else.

True to experience, the drive down the Cajon Pass was slow.

SR 138 at the truck scales was packed with cars, seeing the overpass bridge.

Had there been an establishment of new houses there? Seems like there had been a lot more cars coming from it lately.

Passing Cleghorn onto nearing Kenwood, I could see cars are stopped. Clustered. And seems like most are stuck with only one lane available?

Seems that a Sig Alert had been issued on the I-15 Northbound.

Why on Earth are we not moving???
I am going Southbound.

But of course, slowing down, people wants to see what the ruckus is about.

I could see some smoke wafting around.

And plenty more fire engines coming their way.

Afterwards, I felt like driving back.
Not to the stopped traffic.

Just worried that if there was a fire, I might not be able to come home tonight.

Looking down at my long-sleeve shirt and jeans with my boots on, I thought, okay I can still wear these tomorrow, I guess, if it comes to that.

I don’t want to buy new shirt just because of that. Besides, I have only $5 in my wallet. I should save it for petrol money, in case, I get stuck in traffic for a realy long time or try to go ’round the traffic and go the long way.

I wonder if people driving down the Pass today wondered the same thing?

– – –

So, as I got to work on the train, which I made it on time by the way, I looked up the traffic conditions again.

Smoke was coming from a semi carrying cars. A car hauler. Eight cars smoking.

Gosh, it really seemed like a brush fire to me.

Thankfully, it is not.

And I hope this sinking feeling would go away.