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How I envy those
Who drive in the middle of the freeway
At forty miles per hour, without a care in the world,
Totally oblivious to the traffic building around them.

How I envy those
Who ride the train everyday,
For one-and-a-half hours each way,
And still look refreshed and
Composed at the end of the day.
Oh but what do you make of those
Who clip their nails in the train?
Or those who place their bags on the seats when crowds gather ’round?

If that’s not that transparent enough –
Please don’t get me started.

How I envy those
Who go to work only to Facebook (get your own wi-fi at home already!)
To text friends, trim your split-ends,
When a gazillion million other things – like work?
Hello? You’ve heard of those?
And deadlines loom ahead.

How I envy those
Who can work with papers all over their desks,
Mimicking the ones who actually have that many things to do,
But just pretend so they can hide their phones underneath it all.
Ain’t that a convenience?
You’ll definitely get The Oscar for
The Best Actor/Actress Award this year (and hopefully not for many years to come).

How I envy those
Who can still gossip about their life
While phones-a-ringing off their hooks,
Clients awaiting,
STILL taking their sweet time in the bathroom
Did they suddenly join The Loose Bowel Movement?

What about those who make the boss smile?
Who acts like the sun shines through their Rses?
Yet behind this sunny facade,
These anomalies occur.
When did slacking become such a great personality?


Yeah, working without recognition is a skill.


How I envy those
Who’ve hit the jackpot
Get five-thousand a week for twenty-five years
Surely SET ’em for life.

How I envy those
Whose songs came in their sleep
And hit the number one spot on the Billboard
And now just cashing in the royalties.

But alas for me,
Had work been optional
Oh it’s too good to be true
For a mere mortal like me.
Would not even consider this thought
For it is not real.
We are all destined to work one way or another.

Nolens volens.


OK, but if there’s a teeny weeny bit of a chance
That work be deemed optional – as for those who actually do,
I’d probably still work for a couple of hours a day
Volunteer more
Just to see what’s out there
But subject myself to all this you say?

Commuting eighty-five miles a day each way?
I’d be honest
I’d rather stay home –
Write my opuscules called blog,
And tend to my flock.