I cannot stop kissing nor hugging my kids.

In fact, there’s no way I can stay away from them!

Close contact of my kind is essential, not optional.
No matter how often I wash my hands,
Avoid touching my eyes and mouth,

It’s inescapable,
It’s sneaked in, walls have been breached,
And it started with a sneeze and a sniff.

As I start out my day,
A sign says, ‘Accident Ahead’
Just when I thought better days are coming!
Comes a traffic that will keep me braking.

Didn’t see any accident,
Except for red lights and blue 1-800-PACIFIC
And white Goodcents who keep asking,
How’s my driving? Call 1-800-653-3445,
At every stoplight.

He was beginning to piss me off,
Glad that at street of Arrow he turned,
Finally, a change of view as I was starting to churn!

No denying this accident.
What happened, I have no clue.
Perhaps it was the gale-force wind that caused an overturn at Kenwood
Or the new traffic pattern that would have me nominated for sainthood.

Whatever it was,
I felt like I was in a bubble
With a blocked nose and hard-hearing ears,
Walls of immunity’s been breached,
Hope this post does not start a jinx.