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You should know that I cannot draw.

I can, but it would take your wild imagination to guess as to what actually comes out.

So, on this last day of the year twenty fifteen, I will share pictures I have taken then processed through this app (one of those things that keep me on my iPhone), Pic Sketch.

Through this app, it allowed me to indulge on my weakness (aka love) of sketches and drawings.

Most photos here have appeared already in one of my posts. Some are from yesteryears, others of recent.



Photo of the Metro 417 Building along Hill St. in Los Angeles, CA (taken sometime in 2015 – probably summer because the trees still got its leaves on)



then processed using Pic Sketch app…




Photo taken aboard the Angels’ Flight along Hill St. in Los Angeles, CA (2009)







Love the lines and how details are highlighted.



This is the glass ceiling in Los Angeles Union Station. (2014)






View from inside the Metrolink train pulling in Los Angeles Union Station. (2015)





The grand Los Angeles River (2015)

– as one conductor says it whenever we get around the bend.




Photo of the construction plant along I-15 Southbound – next to the 138 scales (2015)






This could be an ad for Feed the Children. A photo of my daughter taken December 2015.





Marshmallow Bouquet.  Another one of my daughter’s ‘great inventions’!

Take one or all! You never know when you’re going to need that sweet-life memory rush!






Mammoth Sunflower for the Mammoth Lover. (2010) We grew these mammoth sunflowers in our back garden until we got tired of the endless buzzing of bees and armies of ants.





With Birds I Share This Lonely View. One winter morning.




Airshow in Nellis Air Force Base (2011)





Driving along I-15 Northbound.   Interesting how the ladder’s shadow on the water tank shows.




This is the original photo.









Wish I could ride my car up the ramp like they do in the movies. (2015)






Shot taken of the mortuary along I-15 in Victorville, CA. (2015)IMG_2475







With the constructing going on along the I-15, views are sometimes unobstructed when traffic is slow and/or very light. Just like this below:

Train Track View from the I-15 Southbound (2015)





What the I-15 and I-215 split Southbound looks like nowadays…







Finally, there comes a time when a car’s button cover comes out and breaks, another ‘useful’ purpose props up unexpectedly.


Our Lolly Holders.




Thank you to all my family, friends and my readers who have supported me all the way.

I wish you all a safe and wonderful new year!