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In between cooking bittermelon and porkchops, catching glimpses in my feed,
Twitter, Facebook, and even the VV Daily Press,
Oh look at the laundry needing a press,
Also with the trash overflowing,
‘Oh I sure can feel the stress!’

Did I just step on a pebble on the carpet?
Blimey, it just reminded me,
I still have yet to hoover
Before the weekend is over!

Last Friday I was sad for I heard a legend had passed on, and
THAT got my attention.

Leonard Nimoy, who’d been known to say “Live Long and Prosper”
While flashing that iconic hand gesture.
Such a loss we felt in this household
Especially my Trekkie follower slash butler.

No longer would he see the ‘original’ Spock’s stoical expression and
His unmatched, superb pun delivery,
But mainly because “Earth would not be the same” as revealed by hubby,
Equally felt by our fellow North American neighbors, the Canadians, who thought that this would drive
A lifelong tradition be continued to “Spock” their fives.

We all knew him as Spock who was a Vulcan and never had a girlfriend,
Til the ‘newest’ generation of Star Trek decided
It was time to have someone hold his hand,
Do you think her character addition was an uptrend?

What’s his name? Sylar?
Who was, for me, a scary psycho in the TV show, “Heroes”
He is the new Spock who continues on to give the character justice,
With his wit and logic, always right on target and who’d never miss.

Because of this, we longed to watch Star Trek again.
Although we reckon, hundreds of episodes is a bit much,
For this mother who does not have much time
For watching and relaxing, let alone to munch!

After much contemplation, we really miss William Bell,
(Who’s as mysterious as he’s elusive,
could it be because his earnings a bit over the top?)
Along with posits of Walter Bishop,
Deciphered only by his son, Peter,
Who wouldn’t be beat in a game of poker.

Who could argue with Olivia Dunham when she gets in the Tank,
Devoid of sensory overload, just like when I get in the bath,
That would save me from having a heart attack!

Moments of silent bliss is fleeting,
When the kids decide mommy’s missing!
Jump in the bath that is starting to lose its sizzle,
Which after a while, water is thrown all around, is it starting to drizzle?

Billy Joel’s playing on the background, who else would you expect?
While Kwazii and Captain Barnacles of “The Octonauts” explore the sea bottom,
Mommy gets kicked out and decides it is time to make dinner.

After all that is done and everyone cleaned up,
Husband and wife goes to bed all fed up.
Cannot wait for the kids to be asleep, perhaps serve them a shot of ‘sleep-full’ syringe?
So Daddy and Mommy can watch (again) in peace their fav’rite show,